Friday, February 24, 2017

67 Days

I hopped on the scale a day early. Up a pound. Wretched thing!

I forgot to take "before" pictures when I started last week, so I took them today. No, I am not sharing until I see some good progress.

Workout D

Romanian deadlift - 5x5x60 lbs
good morning - 3x8x50 lbs - I have my big barbell back so I didn't have to worry about getting the bar over my head. I started out with 60 lbs but I didn't feel comfortable with that once I got the bar on.
sumo squat - 3x8x20 lbs (2 10 lbs dumbbells)
db skullcrusher - 3x8x10 lbs


  • coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [10]
Lunch: Nothing. 

  • salad w/ avocado & homemade Italian dressing [10]
  • beef jerky [5]
  • banana [0]
  • English muffin w/ avocado [8]
Made it over 30 today!


Melty said...

What brand English muffins do you buy? Dave got me an oly bar and weights yesterday. A customer gave it to him. I don't have room for it now though.
I half assed boot camp yesterday. Baikey was home sick throwing up and I just didn't have much energy. But I hope to get into my gym today.

Becky Walker said...

Thomas' Light Multi-Grain. I'm jealous you have Oly weights :(