Sunday, September 25, 2016

Change of Plans

You're shocked, I know! It's my MO to come up with grand plans and flake after a week or two. NROL was irritating me and I just was not enjoying it. I kept thinking back to everything I've done and the workout I keep coming back to is Built's Baby Got Back routine. Unfortunately, her web site isn't up anymore but there is an excellent summary here. The rep ranges are perfect for me and my inability to focus on anything for very long. I have commitment issues. I knew there was no way I could stick with New Rules of Lifting for four years.

My spreadsheet for my FML Challenge

Workout A (Saturdays)

rack pull 5x5
bent over row 3x8
barbell bench press 5x5
incline dumbbell press 3x8
core work (Shaun T has an amazing 5 minute ab workout here)

Workout B (Sundays)

squat 5x5
lunge 3x8
single leg RDL 3x8
hammer curl 3x8
box jump 5-10 minutes

Workout C (Tuesdays)

assisted chin up 5x5
barbell pull over 3x8
dumbbell shoulder press 5x5
front & lateral raise 3x8
core work (I really like the standing portion of Turbo Jam Ab Jam)

Workout D (Thursdays)

Romanian deadlift 5x5
good morning 3x8
sumo squat 3x8
skullcrusher 3x8
burpees 5-10 minutes (or pyramid scheme)

On Mondays and Wednesdays, my son and I are going for walks. The goal is to start off with a mile and build up to three miles by the end of the year. Maybe next year, we can do a few 5K walks for bling together. Fridays will be Turbo Jam day. The first month, I will do shorter workouts (like Cardio Party Remix or Fat Blaster), and in the second month, I'll do Cardio Party 2. Then finally, in the third month, I will reunite with my love, Cardio Party 3.

Starting October 1, I will have 13 weeks to get into a decent routine. On December 31, I will decide what I want to kick of 2017 with. I may just continue with this, hopefully progressing with the weights. Ideally, I would like to just lift 3 days a week so I have more time for Turbo and Shaun T.

As far as food, HIIK. I can't give up my coffee shit. Nope, just can't do it. And I want sweet potatoes and rice and eggs and chicken and avocados and vegetables and cottage cheese. As I learned during this last sad attempt, logging food makes be obsessive and guilty, and I have enough guilt and obsession in my life.

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