Wednesday, February 15, 2017

76 Days

Wednesdays are so rough for me. Most people hate Mondays. I hate Wednesdays. I work late on Tuesday, have to be to work early on Wednesday. I am always so tired. And today I am fucking sore as hell. I keep trying to move and stretch but these damn DOMS are something. And I have a crack in my nail, and no nail glue.

Thankfully, I have no workout planned for today.


  • coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [12] - I devised a method for tolerating my precious. Still, it's a lot of sugar. But damn, only 300 calories. I don't get hungry when I have my coffee. 
Lunch: Nada. I still had my coffee,

  • stuffed pepper casserole [8]
  • Clementine [0]
I only used 20 of my daily points. Fail.

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