Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spartan Sprint Countdown - Week 2 - Tuesday

For a minute, I forgot what day it was. I can't wait until our big fall fundraiser is over and I can have my life back. Until the cookie dough fundraiser 2 weeks later. But then that's it. My main responsibilities will be over. Yay!

coffee w/ skim milk
apple & cottage cheese
turkey burger w/ cheese (no bun), watermelon
stir fry chicken w/ avocado

I am no longer counting Weight Watchers weekly points. I am trying to stick to Power Foods as much as possible. I guess I'm doing a quasi-Primal/WW Simply Filling. I feel great, starting my second week. I'm energized, I don't feel bloated or sick, and I'm not as cranky as usual.

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