Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spartan Sprint Countdown - Week 1 - Weekend

I didn't even attempt today's Saturday Fitness Beatdown challenge:

- 20 Dive-bomber push-ups
- 20 Swing kicks (Each rep is when both legs have been kicked over the chair / stool)
- 20 Prison Cell Push-ups
- 20 Chair Dips
- 20 Diamond Grip Push-ups

Hell no. I can't even do 2 dive-bombers. I cleaned my house instead. Well, half of it. I did a lot of decluttering (preparing way, way, way in advance for our move out west) and got rid of half my kitchen cabinet contents. Who needs 60 drinking glasses and 30 coffee mugs.

Food was good this weekend - I stayed Primal. I wanted junk food in the worst way. Nuts saved me.

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