Monday, September 5, 2011

Countdown to Spartan Race Countdown - Week 2 - Monday

Back on plan with food today, doing Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique - Power Foods eaten to satisfaction, anything not on the list, draw from weekly points.

I'll be honest. I didn't want to eat healthy stuff today. I wanted junk food in the worst way. I also wanted meat, but it's Meatless Monday. I think I will keep doing Meatless Monday through the end of this year. Two years is enough of a challenge.

I wish I just automatically craved healthy foods. I remember, when I had my 2 month+ binge-free streak, I actually wanted fruit & cottage cheese instead of chocolate. I looked forward to salads & proteins. There was none of that today. Of course, I didn't expect it but it would have been nice. It was so difficult to get through the day.

coffee w/ skim milk
apple, scrambled eggs w/ cheese
carrot sticks & pepper slices
apple & cottage cheese
three-bean salad w/ olive oil & spices - This was so, so good - just pinto, black & garbanzo beans with salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and oil. De.Li.Cious! I wanted more, but only had one cup.
three-bean salad w/ cheese & spices - Okay, so I ended up having another cup a few hours later, with cheese instead of oil, because I needed half a dairy serving.

I have 46 weekly points remaining. The only thing that wasn't a power food was the cheese on my eggs & in my salad.

No formal exercise today. I took my son to the park.

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