Sunday, December 11, 2011

90 Days until the Spartan Sprint

I'm still sick but I can't afford to take any more days off, so it was back to the grind. I did a 3x5 workout today.

shoulder press - 25 lbs
squat - 115 lbs
suspended row
atomic push up

I think I need to change my suspended row to a negative chin up for the 3x5 days because the rows are too easy now. I also think I'm going to start adding some of the metabolic workouts from the New Rules of Lifting (for Women and for Abs) to the end of my strength training.

coffee w/ skim milk
tilapia & cheese w/ cauliflower & broccoli
carrot sticks
pork chops & brown rice w/ onions & green peppers - I probably ate more rice & vegetables than I should have but it was so damn good.
apple & string cheese

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