Wednesday, December 21, 2011

80 Days until the Spartan Sprint

Food was not all that great today and exercise was non-existent. I did go spend quite a bit of money on fitness stuff, though, so that has renewed my motivation a bit. I bought a speed rope and an agility/speed ladder, as well as a power training bag that goes up to 100 pounds (you put bags of sand in it - BodyrockTV uses them a lot). I also bought some fancy ear buds that are guaranteed to never fall out. I went for a very short run and they didn't move, so I'm hopeful they will hold true to their word. My cousin swears by them.

I ended up testing out the jump rope I bought and it's a bit too long for me. We adjusted the handles a bit but I still like my old jump rope better. I was going to return the new one and get my $10 back but my husband said he will use it. Yeah, right. The Spartan is in 80 days, pal - you better get jumping. I can't do a double under. I'm going to put that on my bucket list. I even jump roped with my new ear buds. Awesome. I hate cords though. I need an mp3 player implanted in my brain. Better yet, wireless, so I can access the entire internet in my head.

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