Tuesday, December 13, 2011

88 Days until the Spartan Sprint

Today's workout was 3x5:

bench press - 80 lbs
deadlift - 115 lbs
bent over dumbbell row - 30 lbs

I also did a ten minute metabolic workout from the New Rules of Lifting for Abs book. Today was burpees - 6 per minute (rest until the end of each minute) for 10 minutes. Why so few reps? you ask. Because my son decided I needed to add a little twist. When down in plank position, I have to bring my knees in then back out again, before completing the burpee. So it's like a squat thrust within a burpee. Sebastian calls them double burpees. Whatever. I call them brutal. I don't know if they would have been so bad if I were not so out of shape. I need to get back to where I was at the beginning of June. I hate myself for this horrible, horrible backslide. It's the worst I've had in almost five years. I never want to have to dig myself out of this bullshit again. This is hard.

coffee w/ skim milk
apple & cottage cheese
cheeseburger on whole grain bun w/ mixed vegetables & grapes
carrot sticks

This cold is kicking my appetite in the ass. When I recover, I will eat like a pig.

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