Monday, October 10, 2011

Spartan Sprint Countdown - Week 5 - Monday

I actually lifted weights today. I've lost so much strength due to my break. It really sucks. I knew better. I don't know why I let things fall apart the way I did. There's no excuse, other than I was lazy and didn't care. Now, 20-25 pounds up and out of shape again, you better believe I fucking care.

Here's the workout. It's based on Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength but I made a few modifications.

squat - 3x5x115 lbs - I could barely hit parallel with these. It really, really sucked.
suspended row (supinated grip) - 3x12 - These should have been chin ups, 3xMAX but since I can't do chin ups anymore....

barbell bench press - 3x5x65 lbs - I can go up to 70 lbs next time.
stability ball jackknife - 3x12 - This isn't in SS but I like them and need the core work

deadlift - 1x5x125 lbs - My deads need work.

Even with a quick warm up, this was a nice, short workout. Just the way I like them.

coffee w/ skim milk
salad w/ cheese, black beans, corn & fat free ranch dressing
apple & baked potato
scrambled eggs w/ sauteed onion, green pepper & cheese

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