Friday, July 25, 2008

This makes no sense.

There is junk food in my house, but since the Great M&M Binge of '08, I've been clean for 2 days - no junk at all. My sweet husband even bought himself some chocolate covered peanut clusters but didn't want to eat them in front of me. I told him it was fine, because I wasn't interested in having any. And I wasn't! He ate them and I barely paid attention.

So what is the difference between the last two days and the days I've struggled? There's something (something beyond my cycle because even though it was that time, binges happen even when I'm not). I have to figure it out.

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Sometimes it could just simply be your state of mind. Or maybe you got a little extra sleep the night before and that helped. Or maybe you hadn't had any other sugar that day. When I have even a little sugar I always want more. I haven't eaten barely any sugar this week and I have less cravings and it's much easier to turn down. Just some thoughts. It can be frustrating but so nice when you actually figure things out about your body.