Sunday, July 20, 2008

Video Workout Challenge - Week 3


Ab Jam and Cardio Kickbox today. I'm not really finding Ab Jam all that challenging anymore. I should start focusing on the floor segment. I'm scared of it. It's uncomfortable.

No comment on food. I continue to defiantly eat off plan.


Turbo Sculpt today. I hate it. I don't want to do it next week. I might so something different. My knees hurt during the squats when I Turbo Sculpt. They never hurt when I did real squats. Maybe because the pace of Turbo is so quick, I don't have time to concentrate on form. I won't miss this particular video at all.


Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 1 today. I'm still uncoordinated with these moves, but it's fun. Much better than Turbo Sculpt. I definitely think Turbo Jam is going to be part of my cardio routine when I resume my next phase in a few weeks. I'll be lifting three times a week, then Turbo three times a week. I'll post specifics when I get around to finalizing my plans.


I almost did cardio instead of Power Sculpt today. I really dislike the video strength training. I keep telling myself I only have one more week of this.

Good news - I did not eat any ice cream or candy today. Bad news - I had a lot of pizza.

Best news - I finally managed to get a Wii Fit. It will be here Tuesday!


Turbo Jam Ab Jam and Fat Blaster today. I have a hard time with the second Turbo in the series. The moves are just weird. I should practice.


I almost packed it in for the next week. I had decided not to exercise at all until I return from New York. But alas, I didn't. Even though I woke up extremely late today, I still did the Biggest Loser Strength & Sculpt and Boot Camp. Boot Camp was definitely half-hearted though, and it was obvious to everyone because when Bob & company were doing jumping jacks, I was just sort of running and place and my son asked me why I wasn't putting my arms up in the area. Observant little guy.


I've been spending a lot of time over on the JP Fitness Forums lately, and I am practically jumping out of my skin with excitement for the next phase to begin. I haven't posted specifics in my blog yet, but I'm going to soon. I'll be going back to daily blogging once I start, and I'm going to pay more attention to measurements. This means I'll have to start getting on the scale again. But I'm also going to be more diligent about the tape measure, and pictures. I also plan to record workouts a bit to have my form critiqued.

I just need to conquer this food thing...

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