Saturday, September 10, 2016

NROL - Original: Week 1 - Break In A (WO2)

I have three days worth of posts here, so bear with me. It's been hectic and I'm still trying to hold myself accountable.

No workout Wednesday, for a number of reasons. First, I have a cyst on my inner thigh that is making movement difficult. I was also pretty much glued to my phone waiting for the hospital to call with my son's surgery information. I spent the day sitting with a hot compress between my legs and the phone in my hand. The cyst finally ruptured and drained a little. Gross, gross, gross.

I tried to be good about food. I also updated my macros because the carb goal I had is unrealistic at this point. I'm now going for 20% carbs, 45% fat and 35% protein. I think that's a better goal for me right now. I'm sure I will tweak it along the way but I definitely want to keep my carb intake no higher than 25%. And of course, choose better carbohydrate sources. More vegetables!

I'm kind of proud of everyone in my house. My son has requested that I make a whole chicken every week so he can make a variety of salads and wraps. He asked about the healthiest wrap options. He made an effort to eat vegetables. My roommate sent me a text telling me what he had for lunch, and it was way better than his usual. I know two days doesn't really mean anything but I'm hopeful.

Wednesday, I had:

coffee w/ Splenda & creamer - of course
scrambled egg & sausage w/ cheese & salsa on a light Italian Flat Out wrap - My favorite!
Parmesan crusted pork chops & broccoli w/ olive oil

My numbers:

Carbs - 82 g
Fiber - 15 g
Fat -  78 g
Protein - 81 g
Total Calories - 1378
C/F/P % - 24/52/24

Thursday, I did my workout. It sucked.

NROL Break In A, Workout 2:

squat - 2x15xbodyweight
static lunge - 2x15xbodyweight
dumbbell two point row w/ elbows out - 2x15x10 lbs
push ups - 2x15 on my knees
Swiss ball crunch - 2x20


coffee w/ Splenda & creamer
apple & cottage cheese
scrambled eggs w/ cheese, salsa & sausage

My numbers:

Carbs - 132 g
Fiber - 6 g
Fat -  76 g
Protein - 11 g
Total Calories - 1467
C/F/P % - 36/47/17

Friday was shitty. I was at the hospital most of the day while my son had surgery. I logged everything I ate until I said, "Fuck it!" But here is what I had:

coffee w/ Splenda & creamer
whole wheat crackers & cheese
2 bags of peanut M&Ms
four hamburger sized potato buns, two of them with peanut butter and chocolate spread - This is the Fuck It point.

All in all, shitty second half of the week.

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