Saturday, May 24, 2008

Updated Strength Training Routine

I'm beginning a four-week block of new/progressed exercises. At the end of this four weeks, I'll be heading to New York for a week and won't have access to anything except resistance bands and dvds. Still following Baby Got Back format here.

Turbo Jam

lat pull (pronated grip) - 78 lbs (5x5)
one arm db row - 25 lbs (3x8-12 before adding weight)
bb press - 67 lbs (5x5)
db fly - 20 lbs (3x8-12)
db calf raise - 20 lbs (3x8-12)

full squat - 42 lbs (5x5)
step ups - unweighted (3x8-12)
straight leg deads - 78 lbs (3x8-12)
EZ bar curl - 32 lbs (3x8-12)
20 minutes HIIT on elliptical

Turbo Jam or OFF

lat pull (supinated grip) - 83 lbs (5x5)
EZ bar pullover - 22 bs (3x8-12)
db overhead press - 25 lbs (5x5)
side lat db throw - 15 lbs (3x8-12)

Romanian deads - 93 lbs (5x5)
good morning - 37 lbs (3x8-12)
front squat - 37 lbs (3x8-12)
skull crushers - 34 lbs (3x8-12)
20 minutes HIIT on elliptical


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