Monday, May 8, 2017

Day 37 - NROL - Fat Loss 1A

Ok, this wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It's only one set more than Break In was so I guess I can live with it.


(db) squat - 3x15x25 lbs
lying dumbbell row - 3x15x15 lbs
supine hip extension - 3x15
dumbbell push press - 3x15x10 lbs
(reverse/single db) rotational lunge - 3x15x10 lbs
Swiss ball crunch - 3x15x10 lbs

The lying db row should be a cable seated row but, except for lat pulls, I don't have anything to do cable rows. The rotational lunge is not supposed to be a reverse lunge but I feel like I get better depth when I do the reverse lunge. And let me tell you, these suck. They will kick your ass. I had to go really slowly because my balance blows. I loved them. I hated them.


Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [12] - I didn't even get to drink all of it.
Lunch - yogurt & cucumber salad [5]
Dinner - chicken breast & cucumber salad [7]
Snack - hard boiled eggs & pepper slices, apple [6]
PWO - juice w/ creatine [2]

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