Saturday, February 25, 2012

Less than two weeks until the Spartan

I have been really, really good this week with my food. I did indulge yesterday and we got pizza but I felt totally in control and I am completely on track today. I feel pretty good. I'm still nervous about the race because I am out of running shape but then I remember that it's not really about the run, it's about the obstacles. A 5K is nothing. Sure, it seems like a lot to someone who has never traveled the distance but it's not as scary as people think it is. So I'm not worried about the "running" part of the race. I am worried about things that require upper body strength, and not knowing what the obstacles are going to be is really the big stressor. That, and knowing I will very likely miss my son's race because it starts about an hour after my wave starts. I know I won't finish in time :( I think he will do better without us watching, but I still want to be there for his finish :(

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