Saturday, February 4, 2012

35 Days until the Spartan Sprint

Call me crazy but I agreed to go running with a non-family member tomorrow morning. We're doing 4 miles. Next Saturday, we're both running the Sweetheart 8K. Should be fun.

I did Day 4 of my 100 Burpees challenge - 4 burpees. They are harder with the push up, that's for sure. Speaking of push ups, max push ups was the challenge for Saturday Fitness Beatdown. I managed to get a couple of those in after we did half of Kenpo X+. I say half because it was really, really boring. Decent workout, but boring as hell. I turned that off and did HIIT 15 from Turbo Fire. Great workout, not boring. If it were not for Plyo X and Yoga X, I would officially and completely dislike Tony Horton and his workouts.

coffee w/ skim milk
eggs & turkey bacon, light English muffin
homemade vanilla milkshake & almonds
chicken stroganoff w/ broccoli
oatmeal w/ apple & cinnamon

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