Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 1 - Monday

So, I got my ass out of bed at 4:45 AM. I was awake long before that, for several reasons. One, I was afraid I'd oversleep, so I couldn't really sleep. Two, every time I did fall asleep, I was dreaming that there was some hold up. I couldn't find my contacts, I couldn't find my money, I couldn't find my workout clothes, I couldn't get my 60 year old car to start, there were zombies in the way. And I'm pretty sure this all started because I really could not find my contacts last night. I think I left them at the hotel. It was a fresh pair and my favorite case. Boo. Now I have to buy a new case today.

I had no idea what to expect with OBX Team Camps. I knew a few of the people who were going to be there, so that helped. I'm not going to comment much on the people, other than that everyone is very friendly and helpful and motivating.

After I paid my fee and signed the forms, I warmed up with a brisk 10-minute walk on the treadmill. Marlee and Jim (the trainers) called us into the training room. We did some stretches while they told us how the next six weeks would go. Then we were off on a short run outside. In the dark. Back to the room, where they took us through a series of exercises - jumping jacks, various squat jumps, push ups, high knees tricep dips, butt kicks, jump lunges, Bosu burpees. Yeah, more fucking burpees. I liked these much better than my Spartan penalties. I could go slower and the Bosu kept a lot of pressure off my wrists. After all this stuff, we had to get into plank position while we went around the room and introduced ourselves and said why we were there. I was a sweaty mess when I walked out to my car, but I felt pretty good. It's only six weeks. I can do this. But then again, I have GO FAR starting tomorrow. I don't know how much extra exercise I'll be adding at home. Maybe some Turbo Jam or try Zumba. But I'm not adding anything until next week, so I can see how this week goes.

Since I'm back to Weight Watchers, I have to assign this some activity points. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor (and I won't be at all for the group stuff) but my handy dandy app gave me 6 points for 30 minutes of high intensity circuit training. I guess I'll take that. The sessions are actually an hour, but filter out all the BS and it's probably half hour of ass whooping. So, 6 APs.

coffee w/ skim milk [2 P+]
apple & cottage cheese [4 P+]
banana & broccoli [0 P+]
chicken, cheese & black bean salad w/ fat free dressing [9 P+]
carrots [0 P+]
omelet w/ cheese & salsa [10 P+]

I wasn't all that hungry so I went to bed early (for me, anyway) and read a bit. I didn't hit my points target for the day.

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