Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Turbo Fire Challenge - Day 1

I've entered the Turbo Fire Smokin' Hot 90 Day Challenge. Officially entered LOL Not because I plan to be smokin' hot in three months but because I need some freaking accountability. I've gained 15 pounds and I've been eating like crap, not working out, and I am a complete mess. So I'm doing Turbo Fire and Weight Watchers. Again. I'm using the Ultimate Food Value Diary app, which is awesome. It lets you modify your lower Points+ limit from 26 to 23. It probably shouldn't, because people will undereat. I know I will. I have mine set for the "boost" which is 23 daily points. But I'm also tracking calories right now to see where these numbers put me.

So, I did Fire 30, a 30 minute workout, and burned 264 calories (3 Activity Points). It was an okay workout. Not as much fun as Turbo Jam but whatever. It may grow on me. I have to do it 50 million times.

coffee w/ half & half & Splenda
Asian chicken salad w/ fat free dressing & broccoli
apple & Greek yogurt
eggs w/ Sweet Heat Addiction, toast w/ butter

That food gave me a total of:

24 points
1115 calories
110 carbs
16 fiber
51 fat
74 protein

Definitely not a lot of food but I wasn't all that hungry until after my workout, which is when I ate the eggs. I'll work out the kinks as I go. I need to go grocery shopping, badly.

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