Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flying Pirate Training - Day 33

This is going to be my last Flying Pirate post. I have decided that I just can't train for it right now. I don't feel comfortable leaving my son alone to go running in the dark. No, I can't take him with me. He won't run the distances I need to run. At this point, training just doesn't fit into my schedule. Maybe when he is older and we're both comfortable with him being home alone, I'll do it. Well, no maybe - I will do a half marathon and a half marathon at some point. Just not while I have an 8 year old.

So I'm going to focus on Turbo. My certification is in 63 days. I still haven't registered but I am 99% certain I will go through with it. I did Turbo Jam Fat Blaster today - one of my favorites. I'm having a bit of a problem with the back of my knee. Certain moves make it hurt a little. It's nothing major, I'm sure, but that's just another reason to not do half marathon training. If I hurt myself before Turbo Kick certification, I would be one unhappy camper.

Ugh. Sometimes I feel guilty for not loving running, or even liking it. I keep telling myself that if I give it a fair chance, I will enjoy it. Yeah...doubt it.

coffee w/ half & half & Splenda
eggs & turkey bacon w/ dry toast
chicken sandwich w/ tater tots

And an alcoholic beverage.

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