Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 4 - Wednesday

I hated every freaking minute of team camp today. We were on the beach, running, crawling, running some more. I'm so out of shape and it pisses me off. I get frustrated when I can't keep up and I get embarrassed that I'm always bringing up the rear, that people stop and wait for me, or worse - come back for me. This is not who I am! I am not this fat slug sitting in this chair. A year ago I was doing Insanity, for crying out loud. It made me cry as much as team camp does but still...I hate myself so much. And I hate even more that people care and are supportive and encouraging. I don't want to do Storm The Beach in two weeks. I feel sorry for my team. I'm seriously tempted to withdraw from the race. I won't get my money back but I don't care. I have no business competing in an event in which other people are going to have to hold back just so I can be a part of the team. That's not fair to them. I feel like they have to babysit me in the back of the pack.

coffee w/ half & half
chicken & salsa
cream of broccoli soup, burger (no bun)

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