Saturday, June 21, 2008

BGB-1 Week 12


Here it is, the final week of my first Baby Got Back challenge and I'm really not sure I want to complete it. I have plans for big changes to the way I exercise when I get back from New York. I'll be there next week, then home for 4 weeks, then back to New York for another week. Then I'll be home until mid-November. I'm trying to decide what to do with those 4 weeks in between trips. I'm going to do a mini-challenge of some sort, but I'm not 100% certain how I want to structure it. I do know that formal weight lifting won't be a part of it. I'll still do strength training, but probably in a different form. I'll post about it once I finalize my plans.

Today I did the Biggest Loser High Intensity Workout, TJ Ab Jam (standing segment), and the TJ 20 Minute Workout. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I was going to add on the BL Boot Camp, but my son was impatient so I gave up the tv. I also spent 2 hours cleaning the other half of my house. Plus, I made my first trip to the recycling center with all my totes of recyclables. Then, I loaded all the stuff I'm giving my sister up in New York. Lots of heavy lifting in the heat.

I got my Turbo Jam Fat Blaster dvd today. I am positively giddy! I can't wait to review it. I spent last night watching a few exercise videos and it was fun.

Good on food today. I did want junk at one point but I pushed the thoughts away.


Well, I did my weights this morning so I guess I am going to officially finish this challenge. It was some of my best work, too. I must have pushed myself extra hard because it is THE end of this. After weights, I did Ab Jam and the 20 Minute Workout. I'm finally getting the moves down - there's only one that gives me problems now, and I should have it down by the end of the week.

I reviewed the Fat Blaster, as well as Cardio Party 2 & 3, AND the Biggest Loser Cardio Max segments I didn't watch last week. Oh, and I checked out Jillian Michaels' Cardio Kickboxing on Netflix. I think that's the name of it. I liked what I saw, so I think I'm going to buy it next time I get to the store. Fun stuff in my future, I can tell!

Food was great until I went to the store for ice cream and candy. What the heck is wrong with me???


I overslept, so I got off to a rocky start. I did not want to work out at all. Then I didn't want to do cardio. But I did, and I'm glad. I love Turbo Jam, still!

No junk food today! Yay!


I did NOT want to workout this morning. I got up very early because my husband had to start work early and I had a meeting first thing in the morning. So I had do hurry up and either do my cardio or not. I did it. Biggest Loser Boot Camp and my regular Turbos. Good for me.

Food was good.


Great workout today. Normal weights and Turbos. Then I took my son out to lunch. I didn't eat completely legal, but I did keep the portions small.

I hurt my left wrist somehow. I don't know if it was during my workout or another time during the day. I don't remember any specific time or activity that would have caused this ache. I can barely move it or put any resistance against it.


My wrist really hurt last night when I went to bed and I'd pretty much decided that I was not going to workout today. But then I woke up and it was a little better, so I did it anyway. I did regular squats instead of front squats, though, to keep the pressure off my arm a bit. Followed up with some Turbo. I am really getting those moves down!!

I'm not bothering with food today. Tracking, I mean. I've so much left to do to get ready for my trip. I'll behave though. Maybe.


Off on "vacation" for a few days. I'll be home Friday and will resume blogging next week. Good riddance to this challenge.

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