Sunday, June 8, 2008

BGB-1 Week 10


Ah, another week, another lame attempt at getting it right. It occurred to me last night that I have had 0 net pounds lost in the last year. When I left for New York last June, I weighed 151 pounds. Though I have not been on the scale recently, I cannot imagine that I weigh less than that now.

I have to rearrange my exercise schedule this week due to my son's dentist appointment on Wednesday. It really sucks when the only dentist is 90 minutes away and your appointment is first thing in the morning. So today, I did my upper body stuff. I was going to squeeze in some Turbo Jam after, but I woke up late. I'll try to squeeze it in Thursday.

Food was on track today.


I love HIIT, I hate HIIT. I really can't decide. I hate the elliptical, that's for sure. I want a treadmill.

Food was on track again! Go me!


No exercise today, but I was up by 5:30 AM. I had to take my son to a dentist appointment 90 minutes away. I don't know why I schedule these things first thing in the morning.

My quads are sore today. I had to sit down to feed the stupid fish.

Food's been good! We ate at McDonald's, and I had my usual grilled chicken salad. I didn't even eat any cookies I bought for the kid.


I was going to take the day off from exercise but changed my mind. I did the Turbo Jam I should have done on Monday, and boy, did I work up a sweat! It was great - actually fun, too! Not a major accomplishment but I'll take small victories where I can get them.

Good eats again today!


I am really looking forward to going to New York so I can get a week off from weight training. I haven't had a break since I was sick at the beginning of the year. I'm going to try some Turbo Sculpt while I'm there, just for a change. And I'll bring my resistance bands and try to simulate what I've been doing with free weights, but I doubt it will be as intense.

I'm starving today. I'm not craving junk, which is good, but I know it's going to be a high calorie day.


HIIT immediately after legs is kicking my butt. I'm doing 20 minutes, but I don't think my work intervals are as intense as they could be. They are agonizing but I think if I had different equipment, I'd get more out of it. Or maybe I need to experiment with shorter work/recovery periods.

I've been getting better about handling the cravings, and hunger in general. I've been ravenous lately and often want to eat more than I actually do. I find that I'm very hungry while I'm eating and immediately after, but I've been trying not to have seconds or find something else to eat. I remember when I first did BFFM, it took some adjusting to eating every 3-3.5 hours, but once I did, it was very manageable. I'm trying to get back to that.

But crap - I just blew it by eating 3 oatmeal cookies. I did log them in my tracker, and it didn't lead to a binge, though I sure as heck wanted to!!


I'm starving today. It's supposed to be a lower carb day, but that last sweet potato is calling my name!! I've tried eating some protein, but at this very moment, I'm struggling not to get dressed and go out in the oppressive heat for a Dairy Queen monstrosity. I hate days like this. I'm desperately trying to keep myself distracted. I wish I could work out, but the living room is occupied and the outdoor heat is oppressive from now until September. I need something, anything but food, to keep my frustrations at bay. It's not enough for me to just say, "Oh, imagine the body you'll have by not eating that!!" I want to care, really, I do. I want control of this crazy, irrational urge to eat things that I know are not good for me. I'd love to be able to eat small portions and practice moderation, but I can't yet. I don't know how and it's make everyone in the house miserable.

Chicken and sweet potato has calmed me for now.

I bought ice cream. Not DQ, but still crap.

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