Sunday, April 27, 2008

BGB-1 Week 4


I did the Learn segment of Turbo Jam's Learn & Burn. I was a little more coordinated this time than I was the first time. I have decided to to the Learn part every morning this week, and hopefully I will be able to Burn enxt week! I also did the standing Ab Jam segment. Next week, I'll do both.

Eating was horrible today. I don't know why I make such bad choices. I had 2 bowls of chocolate cereal, 3 small pancakes, and a chocolate Easter bunny within half hour. I feel sick now. I'll do better the rest of the day, but I am making homemade pizza for dinner (crust and all).


I am back and having a good day. I practiced my Turbo Jam moves and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I'll keep up with them all week and give the Burn a go.

On plan with food today. I made some brown rice salad for my post workout meals this week. This stuff is fantastic. Alton Brown is my hero!

I think what I need to do is have a written menu for every week, outline what I can and cannot have. I know that won't necessarily keep me from binging on bad things, but maybe having it written out and posted on the kitchen will help. There's no junk in the house right now, but one of my problems is my husband. If I ask him to go buy me chocolate, he will, without a second thought. I must break him of that. New policy - if I'm craving chocolate, I will make something here at home. If I'm too lazy to make it, I don't need it.

I have to kick this bad habit of impulse eating crap foods. It was easier to quit biting my nails and a lot easier to quit smoking. I used to think quitting smoking is the hardest thing in the world to do. Not any more. Eating right is the hardest thing, for me, to do. I've got strength training down, no problem. My cardio is ok - certainly I could do more. Weight loss is primarily diet, and I suck in that department.


I'm trying really hard to be good today. I wanted to skip my intervals after I lifted, but I talked myself into doing it. I was going to practice my Turbo Jam, but my legs were dead. I'll do it tomorrow. It will give me something to do before I take my son to the playground.

Food is ok. I've learned that I don't need a man to make bacon! I used to have my husband do all the bacon cooking because I was afraid of screwing it up, but he kept "forgetting" to cook it up and I really needed it for the rice salad yesterday. So, after realizing I could make it for that, I made it for lunch. I love turkey bacon.


I don't know what to do. I lost it last night with my husband's chocolate covered peanuts. I just couldn't turn them down. I debated with myself for 15 minutes, and I still could not resist them. Of course, that triggered more cravings, so I ate my son's M&Ms. Damn it. I'm really angry with my lack of self control.

I'm taking a few days off from weighing and measuring my food. I get so food obsessed. I need a break for a few days. And I need to stop making special trips to the store for junk food.

Or, I need to keep my refrigerator stocked with fruit. Or maybe I need to go back on Atkins. I never had cravings like this on Atkins. I ate more vegetables and wasn't thinking about food all the time. This sucks.


Workout was great. I'm really loving the dumbbell lateral throws. They almost give me the confidence to try come complexes. Built has some good ones on her blog. I might give those a shot one of these days.

I forgot, again, to practice the Turbo Jam moves. That's ok. I'll work on it a lot Monday.

Food still sucks. I bought a lot of produce when I went grocery shopping today. I'm tired of chicken, though. The store didn't have any on sale. I have a little left from the last trip to the meat packer. I'll have to go there again. They sell huge chicken boobs.


I skipped cardio today. My legs were like jelly after weights today. I increased the weights for 3 of the exercises, and I could really tell! Still, hours later, they are shakey.

No food comments. This sugar addiction is killing me. I don't know what to do. I know what I need to do - swear off sugar and make better choices. I don't know how. I swear, it was easier to quit smoking cold turkey. Evenings are the worst. I need to find a healthy alternative to eating. I don't want to just eat fruit or something else healthy in place of candy. I don't need to eat when I have the cravings. I just want to eat chocolate and sugary things.


We went shopping for stuff to start a garden today. Maybe growing my own vegetables will help me eat better. I'm in the midst of a transition to greener living, and that includes gardening, recycling, and composting. I am ready to start gardening and recycling, but the composting will have to wait a couple weeks, when my husband has more time to work in the yard.

Here's what we are planting:

green peppers
jalapeno peppers
green beans
spaghetti squash
-- I'll pick up some cilantro next weekend.

I've created a "menu" that I'm going to try to follow on workout days:

pre-workout snack: apple & cottage cheese

post-workout meal:
chicken and rice or sweet potato or whole wheat pasta
tuna patties & whole wheat mini bagel

early afternoon meal/snack: fortified french toast, yogurt

After 3 PM and on non-lifting/cardio only days, I'll stick to non-starchy stuff: vegetables, nuts, eggs, lean meats, cheese, beans. And because meat is getting so expensive, I'll be using beans as a substitute for half my normal meat intake. My husband refuses to have dinner without meat, but I told him he has to cut back, too.

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