Sunday, April 6, 2008

BGB-1 Week 1


This is how it's going to work. I'm only going to post once per week, but I'm going to write in each weekly post every day. So it will just be one long narrative of my week. I won't be posting menus or numbers anymore, but I will still stay accountable if I cheat or binge.


I've modified my schedule a bit. I'll be taking 2 days a week completely off.

Mondays - Turbo Jam (cardio w/ abs)
Tuesdays - BGB (rack pulls, BB rows, BB presses, DB flyes, calf raises)
Wednesdays - BGB (front squats/bicep curls superset, DB split squats, SHELC), elliptical intervals
Thursdays - OFF
Fridays - BGB (lat pulls, BB pullovers, military presses, side lateral raises)
Saturdays - BGB (deadlifts, good mornings, DB walking lunges, skull crushers), elliptical intervals
Sundays - OFF

This way, I get in some cardio and intervals AND days off after leg days.


I made some vegetable beef stew for dinner, with some homemade bread sticks. They were really, really good. It took everything in me not to eat the leftovers (half the batch).


No workout today. It feels weird. But I am cleaning my house, and will be for the next week. Light stuff today. The heavy stuff starts tomorrow.

I was able to resist he breadsticks last night but there are still some in the refrigerator. I told my husband to take them to work but he forgot. I'm sure my son will eat them up, though, so that's good.


After 2 BGB workouts, had some pretty good DOMS. It's better now, but right now I'm sore from cleaning and anxious to be done. I won't finish all my cleaning until the middle of next week some time. It will feel god though! I won't be counting the cleaning activities in my calorie burner.

Oh, and ate the breadsticks. I spread them out over 2 days and 3 meals, but I still ate them. And I don't feel guilty.

I was doing really, really well today and lost it. I resisted Burger King, came home and had some cottage cheese and an apple. Then some Cheerios. Then I stopped tracking my calories. Then I had a big bowl of Apple Jacks. A hotdog. Crackers. Pancakes. I hate that I deal with anger with food.


I'm really kicking myself over last night's binge. I have to get a handle on this crap.

Workout today was great!!! I love doing intervals after legs because I feel like I work harder. I do love this new routine.


146.0 this morning. Stupid binge. At least I ate well today, on plan. I spent the day cleaning my house, and more of the same tomorrow, so I'm not going to do my regularly scheduled cardio. There's a lot left to do (carpet shampooing, moving furniture, lots of laundry) and I want to get it finished tomorrow so I can relax after workouts this week. I also need to plan my menu for the inlaws' visit. I will admit, I am looking forward to exercising when they are here - I can show off my new muscles! LOL

All in all, I love the Baby Got Back routine. Here are the current parameters that I'm starting with. It did take some adjustments as I started. On some days, I can do supersets to shave some time off the entire workout.

rack pulls - 5x5 - 73 lbs
lying db rows - 3x8 - 32 lbs
bb press - 5x5 - 47 lbs
db fly - 3x8 - 15 lbs
calf raise - 3x8 - 15 lbs

front squat - 5x5 - 32 lbs
db split squat - 3x8 - 10 lbs (I hate these, for the record!!)
SHELC - 3x8 (I hate these, too)
bicep curls - 3x8 - 22 lbs

lat pull - 5x5 - 78 lbs
bb pullover - 3x8 - 22 lbs
military press - 5x5 - 20 lbs
one arm db lateral throw - 3x8 - 10 lbs (I found these after doing side lat raises and these are so much more fun to do!!!)

romanian deadlift - 5x5 - 78 lbs
good mornings - 3x8 - 12 lbs
walking db lunges - 3x8 - 10 lbs
skull crushers - 3x8 - 22 lbs

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