Sunday, April 20, 2008

BGB-1 Week 3


We had a road trip today, and I am very proud to say that I packed my own food and stuck to that! Yay! I haven't had any junk today. On one of my muscle boards, there's a clean eating challenge, and I joined, hoping that accountability to people other than myself (and this blog, which is really just me anyway) would help. We have to post EVERY DAY whether we ate clean or cheated. Hopefully that will help me.


Good workout today. I think I'm going to increase the weights for this group. It almost feels easy.

Food sucks. I totally suck.


See Tuesday's entry.

I did end the day on a positive note, though. We went to a buffet for a birthday dinner. This buffet has the most fantastic dessert bar. I did not get anything from the dessert bar. Heck, I didn't even get the buffet. I ordered an entree instead, with the salad bar. A small victory, but I'll take what I can get.


I did very well today. Since I had no exercise scheduled, it was a lower carb, lower calorie day. I'm exhausted from my company being here and the carb crash really bites. I need a few nights of good sleep and a few days of good eating to get me back on track.


Good workout today. Overhead presses were easy, so I'm adding weight next week. Also to the barbell pullovers. Adding reps to lat throws. Those are fun. I love those.

Food has been decent. I need to get more vegetables. I should be eating my starches pre and post workout, but I think I'm too starchy. Even mini bagels have quite a few "bad" carbs. Maybe I'll switch back to the whole wheat bagels.

I ended up not even eating dinner. I was so disgusted with my lack of options that I didn't bother.


GREAT food and exercise day. I love leg day because a) it's leg day and b) I know I don't work out the next day. But I hate leg day because it's also when I do my intervals. I know I need to do them right after training, so my legs get a day or more of rest, but it's brutal. Though, I will admit I feel pretty good after doing them. Physically, I'm exhausted, but there's still a bit of a high I get from the accomplishment. Not that it's anything great, but at least I did it.


I really hate Sundays. I'm constantly hungry. I did well with food today, though, and I'm proud of myself. I spent the afternoon entering some BFL/BFFM recipes in my MasterCook program. I've decided that I'm not going to be such a stickler for calculating things down to the exact calorie or gram of carbs, protein, and fat. I'll still track my food, of course, but I'm not going to bother recalculating recipes when I use a different brand of rolled oats (for example).

I haven't been on the scale in 2 weeks. To be honest, I am worried about the effect my binges had on my weight. My rings are still loose, so that's good. My birthday is in a couple weeks - maybe I'll challenge myself to stay off the scale until then.

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