Friday, January 17, 2014

P90X3 - Day 6 - Incinerator & Dynamix

I had a Bagel Thin with cream cheese after I blogged last night. And yes, I felt guilty.

Double workouts today (and all Fridays) because I don't have time to work out on Saturdays right now. Fortunately, it was an early dismissal day so I had time to do the workouts without feeling rushed.


coffee w/ Splenda & creamer
cheese burger & bean soup - Ugh, the freaking guilt!
Cali burger w/ fries - I went out for dinner with some co-workers. I never want to eat again.


Incinerator is a resistance workout. I used bands. I hate using bands but I hate the cold garage even more. I have to play around with where to anchor the bands to get the right resistance and that's a pain in the butt. Dynamix was tedious but the stretches helped a bit.

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