Sunday, January 12, 2014

P90X3 - Day 1 - Total Synergistics

Oh hey, guess who is back!! My workout buddy talked me into starting P90X3 with her today. Bitch.

My goal, between P90X3 and T25 after, is to get back where I was three-ish years ago. 30 pounds lighter, a little more muscle definition. Food, of course, is my downfall. I make terrible choices and I work with food. It's really freaking difficult. Half the time I want to stuff my face, and then shoot myself in it.

So what to do about tracking food? I hate weighing and measuring and logging. I won't be doing that. Oh, hell no. I'll try my best to make good choices, not stuff myself, and write it all down.

coffee w/ Splenda & creamer
omelet w/ cheese, onions & peppers, turkey bacon & toast
donut - Shut up. I forgot I was supposed to start the program today.
chicken breast w/ marinara sauce
Bagel Thin w/ cream cheese - Maybe, if I get hungry after I post this mess.


Total Synergistics isn't bad. I used a resistance band because it's cold in my garage and not really comfortable for floor work. So, I worked out in my bedroom. Using a resistance band as a substitute for pull ups and chin ups sucks balls. When my garage warms up, I'll go back to doing assisted pulls and chins. Dude, remember when I could do multiple unassisted pull ups? When I did P90X, back in the fall of...shit 2008? 2009? I could do that shit!

Anyway, it's very obvious I'm out of practice and my core is weak. My boats sucked. My warriors and half moons sucked. The only things that didn't really suck were the plows and the chairs. And I can crescent like a mother fucker! Note to self: wear shoes next time. And a bra.

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