Monday, January 13, 2014

P90X3 - Day 2 - Agility X

Two days in a row??? Whaaaaaaat???

Let me just say, I was NOT looking forward to working out today. My intention was to do it before work, but screw that. I like to sleep and drink coffee. I felt a little guilty, and even thought this was the end of the road for P90X3. Now, I'm not going to go patting myself on the back just yet. It's only been two days. I have 89 more to go before I feel like I'm back to my old workout fiend self.

Oh, and before I forget, I did not have that bagel with cream cheese last night. Yay me. I was feeling proud, and planned on having a salad for lunch. Nope. But don't worry. I was a good girl. I ate food, but appropriate portions and nothing too shit-tastic.


coffee w/ Splenda & creamer
Carolina barbecue (no bun), baked beans, coleslaw & sweet potato
"fun size" candy bar - My niece brings me one of these every day. She's a sweet heart.
apple & cottage cheese

Yes, I realize it's not that much food on paper. Lunch really filled me up. The anxiety over having to work out when I get home kills my appetite. All the water I drink during my workout kills my appetite. So the apple & cottage cheese after was pretty much all I could handle.


Agility X sucks. Not because it's a bad workout, but because I'm fat and lazy. It's a mix of plyometrics, squats and lunges, with a few push ups thrown in. This is one workout that just does not work out well in my second-floor bedroom. I guess I'll be doing it in the garage from now on. I need room to jump, and a stable floor that doesn't knock all my shit off the shelves.

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