Sunday, September 21, 2014

Change O' Plans

I'm sure you're shocked that I am changing my mind!!! I had my trusty virtual workout buddy look over my schedule for the next 20 weeks, and in her infinite wisdom, she said it looked like too much too soon and of course, she is right. The truth is, I wasn't quite comfortable with it either. So I'm going to take her advice and start slower.

Mondays - Cardio - Probably TJ Cardio Party Remix (30 min)
Tuesdays - Lift - goblet squats/db RDL, inverted row/db shoulder press, Swiss Ball/Bosu plank-roll up-push up
Wednesdays - Cardio - Cardio Party 2 or 3 (45-50 min)
Thursdays - Lift - same routine
Fridays - TJ 20 Min WO/CLX Recharge
Saturday & Sunday - Rest

I'm just not ready to commit to four months of workouts every single fucking day. Baby steps.

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