Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm trying to talk my son into fitnessing with me.

My son just turned 11. To say he is sedentary is a bit of an understatement. He doesn't know how to ride a bike. He likes to swim but we don't get to the pool very often. He doesn't like the outdoors (and I don't blame him - I am not a fan, either). I've been trying to get him to do martial arts for years but he refuses. I think it would be good for him but I'm not going to force him. So when I was going through my NROL books, trying to decide what to do, I (half) jokingly asked him if he wanted to lift with me. And to my complete shock, he said he would give it a try. I think he just wants to see me do burpees but I think I am going to "force" him to do this with me. We have all the equipment right in our air conditioned living room. I am confident I can modify the routine enough that he can do it. Hell, I'm going to have to start over as a beginner.

But I think we are going to start with Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training. Craig has fantastic workouts, and there are some 4-week bodyweight only programs. I think we are going to do those first. I'm actually going to have Sebastian do the Beginner Workout and I am going to do the Intermediate Workout.

Beginner Workout

Workout A
A1) lying hip extension (3x8)
A2) plank (3x15 sec)
B1) prisoner squat (3x12)
B2) bird dog (3x5)
C1) push up (3x8)
C2) side plank (3x5 sec)
D1) band pull (3x15)
D2) ab curl up (3x15)

Workout B
A1) step up (3x8)
A2) stick up (3x8)
B1) split squat front foot elevated (3x8)
B2) kneeling push up (3x8)
C1) Bicycle crunch (3x20)
C2) 1-leg hip extension (3x8) 

Intermediate Workout

Workout A
A1) push up (3x15)
A2) inverted row (3x8)
B1) 1-leg squat (3x8)
B2) bicycle crunch (3x30)
C1) Bulgarian split squat (3x8)
C2) elevated push up (3x8)
D1) reaching lunge (3x8)
D2) mountain climbers (3x20)

Workout B
A1) 1-leg deadlift (3x8)
A2) Chin up (3x6)
B1) Step up (3x12)
B2) slow push up (3x10)
C1) prisoner lunge (3x8)
C2) side plank (3x20 sec)
D1) close grip push up (3x10)
D2) plank (3x45 sec)

We start Monday, August 3. I still need more time to figure out which NROL program to do.


Melty said...


I think I'll do TT with you.

Becky Walker said...

Intermediate? I think there is an advanced too.

Melty said...

I haven't even looked at the program aside from skimming what you posted. Let me review that pdf I posted. Also, let me know if you can get your hands on cize. :P