Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cathe STS - Day 24

I was all set to start Phase 2 - heavy weight, low favorite!!! Work sucked balls and the kids gave me a massive headache. I'll work out tomorrow for sure. I don't have to go to my second job in the morning (I'm currently in training, so I go in before my regular job) so I will have plenty of time for Turbo tomorrow. I might lift tomorrow evening, but I would really like to just relax.

Coffee w/ half & half & stevia - Stevia tastes like ass. But I'm off the Splenda for the month. It sucks.
Turkey burger, mixed vegetables, salad & banana (okay, I had 3 bananas over the course of the day)
chicken & rice w/ avocado

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Melty said...

I was suppose to do my last Phase 1 legs yesterday but my ankle was bothering me and felt blah. I started it but didn't finish. I don't think I'll have the time today to do much and I'm really tired. I should be able to get it back and bi Friday and then be DONE with Phase 1.