Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shady's Back!

Bah!! I am back. Again. Because I have to be. I'm tired of being a fatty fat fatterson. I won't bore you with my whereabouts for the last I don't even know how long. You can probably guess I've been sitting on my ass eating crap. I haven't exercised (except for one Zumba session, which I loved - I am just so out of shape) in ages and I can't remember the last time I had a healthy meal.

I don't have a plan in place. I want to lift, Turbo, skate, bike and learn to dance. I'm all about the dancing these days.

This has been all the rage on Facebook and I freaking love it. It's not necessarily dancing but it's kind of hot and a good workout. It's much, much harder than it looks. Even not squatting very deep, my thighs were on fire. And I'm all kinds of uncoordinated because I haven't done Turbo in so long. I know it's only three and a half minutes, but it whooped me. My heart was pounding. I loved it!

coffee w/ creamer & Splenda
donut - shut up
cottage cheese

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